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SpeedWatch News

Results from Chris Saville, Gill Saville and Peter Hambrook's team shoe the majority of cars are exceeding 30mph

CARS 281 344 110 305 43 398
EXCEEDING 30 201 235 60 176 32 213
% OVER 30 71.53 68.31 54.55 57.70 74.42 53.52
REPORTED 48 54 16 50 11 50
% REPORTED 17.08 15.70 14.55 16.39 25.58 12.56
AVE SPEED 32.32 31.71 31.22 31.40 33.37 31.16
DATE 2016-05-03 2016-05-06 2016-05-12 2016-05-13 2016-05-17 2016-05-20
TIME 1600hrs 1600hrs 0855hrs 1555hrs 1622HRS 16:00
DURATION 120 MINS 120 MINS 75 MINS 125 mins 30 MINS 140 MINS


April 19th 2016, the new equipment purchased by the Parish Council has been put to good use with two session, each of which reported 15 drivers to the police for speeding

On the session my team ran, 45 of 89 cars exceeded 30mph coming down Northbourne Road. The average speed of all cars was over 31mph!. Unfortuntely there appears to be a fault with the display and it will be returned to the manufacturers under warrantee.

Jan 9th (2016) Our latest session at the bottom of the hill showed 57 out of 151 vehicles exceeding 30mph with others being held up by slow moving traffic.
We plan on submitting a proposal to the Parish Council at the end of the month, but this will carry far more weight if members of our community showed their concern by offering to donate to help the purchase.

Dec 5th: We have had a demonstration of the latest design SpeedWatch kit and it is far superior to that which we are using.  The cost to purchase, in the New Year, will be approximately 2600. We plan to put a submission to the Parish Council to justify purchase. The indication is that the Parish Council may be supportive of our initiative, provided there is evidence of its need and the desire of the village to run the scheme. Our endeavour would be to  put a matched funding proposal to the Parish Council. We will thus be looking to raise 1300 by early February, can you help? if so please contact Chris Saville.


Dec 12th: Whilst we have the loan of the Nonington equipment we intend to be a regular sight in the village. Our latest venture on the Northbourne Road hill saw 47 cars out of 132 exceeding 30mph of which 8 will be reported.


Nov 25th: a steering group has been set-up and newly designed potential equipment will be demonstrated to the group in the near future.


The cost of the equipment will be a little under 3000, a small price to pay if it saves one life/injury from the cars that have been shown to speed through our village.


This, of course, means we need to contemplate fund raising early in the new year to help pay for the SpeedWatch equipment.  If speeding in the village concerns you  then please contact Chris Saville (the former Postmaster) on 372867 and let him know that you would contemplate making a donation when fundraising starts.


In the meantime we have kindly been loaned an old display and you will see our teams in the village from time to time during daylight hours.



Earlier News


The first SpeedWatch session was held early on Thursday October 15th.


The equipment was placed by the village field pointing up the hill.




Within a couple of minutes of my arrival to take this photograph a car was clocked at 40mph coming down the hill.


Amazing how quickly he slowed down on site of our volunteers. It shows the value of this project.


The second SpeedWatch session was held on Friday 23rd October for 90 minutes in the afternoon,

172 vehicles went past down the hill of which  sixty two exceeded thirty miles an hour! and many others were being held up by vehicles in front!

Twenty were recorded exceeding 35mph. The worst offender was clocked at 52mph!!!


SpeedWatch team members may click here for the private area