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Issue 75, June 2011



Northbourne Road

Mongeham Road

Ellen's Road

Weds. 8th and 22nd



Mill Hill to Wilson Ave.

Wilson Avenue to

Mongeham Road

Cherry Lane

Ripple Road, Mongeham

Weds. 1st, 15th and 29th



Please check Dover District Council Website on for full details of recycling days.





 Dates for your Diary                     1


 St.  Martin’s Church                     2


Christian Centre                             2


Village News                             2/3/4    


Organisations and Clubs                 4



We would be grateful to receive any items for the July edition  before the 20th June, 2011 by E Mail: Anyone wishing to advertise in subsequent issues, should produce 400 copies on an A5 flyer—these will then be delivered for £10 to every house and given to friends of Great Mongeham. Please telephone Peter on 364457.



DATES FOR YOUR DIARY in the Parish Hall


Great Mongeham Horticultural Society Wednesday, 1st June at 7.30 pm—Member’s Barbecue and Potato Weigh-In.

S.E. Koi Club Sunday, 5th June the Koi Auction will be held at the Parish Hall.  Setting up on Saturday, 4th June.  For more details Tel. 01303 255660.

Great Mongeham Singers Will be meeting at 7.30 pm on Wednesdays, 8th and 22nd June in the Upper Room, St. Martin’s Church.

Parish Hall Committee will meet on Wednesday, 8th June at 7.45 pm in the Parish Hall.

St. Martin’s W.I.  Thursday, 9th June at 7.30 pm in the Hall  - Kieran Renhan from Chocolutions will be the Speaker.  The competition is for six pieces of homemade confectionery. 

Great Mongeham Society Thursday, 16th June at 7.30 pm at the Parish Hall—Village Nature Walk with Peter Hambrook.

Planning Committee Meeting 23rd June at 6 pm in the Council Offices, Whitfield.  The agenda is available on the Council’s website a week before the meeting.

Bingo  Thursday, 23rd June at 7.15 pm in the Parish Hall, “eyes down” at 7.30 pm—why not come along for an evening of fun.



Great Mongeham Village Design Statement Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, 7th July at 7.30 pm in the Upper Room at St. Martin’s Church.

Village Fete (See Enclosed Flyer)  Saturday, 9th July in the afternoon on the Village Green.

Harvest Supper Saturday, 1st October in the Parish Hall.

Winter Fayre Saturday, 26th November in the Parish Hall.





Page 2 Great Mongeham Newsletter June 2011


Benefice Priest in Charge: Rev. David Flewker                                                        Tel. 374076

Ordained Local Minister: Rev. Peter Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages,

Northbourne Road, Great Mongeham.  Contact for Weddings and Baptisms           Tel. 364457

Church Wardens: Bob Osbourne, 27 St. Radigunds Road, Dover, Kent.                  Tel. 330200

                               Jennie Esposito, 224 Mongeham Road, Gt. Mongeham.            Tel 369304

Secretary:  Dr. Wendy Madgwick, Glendower, Mongeham Church Close, Great

Mongeham.                                                                                                                 Tel. 239143

Treasurer: Mr. N. Pitchford, 141 Mongeham Road, Great Mongeham.                    Tel.  362202



Sunday,   5th June                         Morning Praise                                                        10.00 am                                                   

Sunday,  12th June                        Holy Communion                                                    10.00 am

Sunday,  19th June                        Family Service                                                         10.00 am

                                                      Evensong                                                                   6.00 pm

Sunday,  26th June                        Holy Communion                                                     10.00 am                       


To all Flower Arrangers Many of you will know that I retired from the Flower Rota at Easter.

You will now be in the capable hands of Lesley, Peter Hambrook’s daughter.  I would like to thank all my old and new  Flower Arrangers  for all the help and support they have given me over the last ten years.  Have a Happy year.                                                       Rosemarie

We take this opportunity of thanking Rosemarie for all her hard work over many years.    PH


Church Registers  Marriage   April 30, 2011   Anthony Humberstone and Gemma Morris

                                Baptism    May 14, 2011    Jessica Lily Clements



Graham Herbert Tel: 366332       Mick Godden  Tel:  239801 Mobile 07713274760 


JUNE SERVICES 10.30 am Every Sunday   6.30 pm 3rd Sunday Evening




Great Mongeham Horticultural Society

At the meeting on 4th May members enjoyed the company of Jean Griffin from Radio Kent.  Her talk entitled ‘Tales from the Potting Shed’ was very entertaining and in between the amusing stories she imparted lots of information and ‘growing tips’ for us.  The question and answer session was particularly helpful.  A most enjoyable evening. 

Next month it is the Potato Weigh-In and Barbecue.  Don’t forget to take the haulms (green tops) off your potato, hand your pot to a committee member who will remove the potatoes, weigh them, note the amount against your name and hand them back—you will need a carrier bag  or other container, and it is a good idea to label it so you can pick it up later.                JB


St. Martin’s W.I.

Two Resolutions were discussed and voted on  - the proposed closure of some local libraries and mega farms.  The agreed vote will be taken  by the local delegate to the AGM at Liverpool in June.                                                                                                   PSB




Page 3 Great Mongeham Newsletter June 2011


Great Mongeham Parish Council

This month we welcome two new Parish Councillors—Chris Burwash of 393, St. Richard’s Road and Jason Hedges of 108 Mongeham Road.

Jason is in his early forties and is a bricklayer and re-pointing specialist.  He has lived in Great Mongeham for 15 years and is a keen gardener and chess player.


Great Mongeham Society

19 May : Schools for the Future
Dr Steve Chappell, head of the Parent Governors at Sandwich Tech tackled the huge topic of the history of educational provision and its necessary reform. He covered the fact that the current education system is based on a model that is the result of the mindset of the industrial
revolution. All modern countries appear to be in the throes of  reassessing their educational priorities. The changed circumstances of the present as well as the uncertainties that the future will bring already mean that instead of a job for life, pupils at school now can expect to have five careers in quite separate fields of knowledge. The system is broken and it will take more than politically motivated tinkering to fix it.                                                                                SA-W                        

For further information on the  Society visit the website at     


District Councillors Report 

Following the recent Election Nick and Steve would like to thank all their supporters, friends and family for their support over the campaign.

We look forward to serving the residents of Great Mongeham Parish with humility.

Regeneration remains a key priority in both delivery of services and advocating investment by other agencies.  Regeneration is seen as necessary to meet the demographic projections and health inequalities that face us.

The financial pressures which are increasing lead the council on a path of more joint working with the other East Kent authorities, so that we can turn aspirations into real delivery for the benefit of our residents.                                                             Nick Kenton and  Steve Manion


Jan Anton’s Dance Studio

We had the most wonderful day on Saturday, 14th May—the lady examiner came from London to adjudicate. She was very impressed with the school and said the technique and strength of the children was so good and it was proved in the results. We received an amazing 37 Distinctions with a hundred percent top marks for the Silver Classical Ballet grade and overall for the higher grades in Ballet, Acrobatic and Jazz 25 Distinctions, 4 Honours and 2 Highly Commended.

Jan Anton's School is now looking forward to various performances including TOTALLY DANCE to be performed by all of Jan's Dancers young and old at the Astor Theatre on June 5th—Curtain up at 5 pm.  Tickets (£5 or £4 concessions) are available now - telephone Jan on  01304 373421 or Once again congratulations to all the children and the wonderful, parents and grand parents who participated to make a lovely day for everyone, even the weather was kind as the children changed, enjoyed picnics and played on the village green.  Could not have been bettered..!                     





Page 4 Great Mongeham Newsletter June 2011


Great Mongeham Handbells

 The handbells belonging to St. Martin’s Church are now at The Whitechapel Bell Foundry being refurbished. This Foundry is only one of two extant in England; the other being at Loughborough. The fascinating history of Whitechapel Bell Foundry can be traced back to 1420, although it has only been based on its present site since 1738.  The Foundry is fronted by an elegant 18th century town house situated on Whitechapel Road, East London.  Behind this is the working foundry which, although incorporating modern techniques, still uses centuries old skills and methods manufacturing Tower and Handbells.

Amongst their most famous bells are the ‘Liberty’ bell in the United States and ‘Big Ben’.

For two and a half centuries, Whitechapel has been the acknowledged leader in the production of musical handbells.  These are manufactured using traditional craft-based techniques which cannot be matched by mass produced methods.  The 18th century lathe is considered so fit for purpose that it is still in daily use. 

However, innovations and improvements have been incorporated in the work of the Foundry. These include sophisticated electronic equipment for registering pitch, thus enabling each set of handbells to be accurately recorded and filed.  Attention to detail in the turning and tuning of the handbells is such that even in the final burnishing and polishing of the bronze, allowance is made for tuning.

The St. Martin’s Handbell Group eagerly await the return of the Handbells following their renovation at Whitechapel.  For more information about the handbells contact Audrey Pitchford (01304 362202)   



Fully Funded Course for Anyone Thinking About Volunteering
Are you interested in volunteering but for one reason or another aren't quite ready to take the plunge?  Dover District Volunteering Centre understands there are many reasons why taking on a volunteer role may seem daunting.  You may lack confidence or need encouragement, you may worry about your childcare options or travel costs, you may be struggling to decide what sort of volunteer work you would like to do.
If this sounds familiar to you, then our Free course could greatly benefit you.  The course takes place in Dover on Wed 8th and Thurs 9th June 2011 .  Lunch and refreshments are included free of charge, and travel expenses can be reimbursed.  All previous course participants have found them informative, fun and interesting. 
If you would like to book a place, please contact Karen at the Volunteer Centre on 01304 367898 or email



Due to lack of space, details of  ORGANISATIONS AND CLUBS IN THE PARISH will appear next month.