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Issue 51, March 2009


Northbourne Road

Mongeham Road

Ellens Road

Weds. 4th and 18th


Mill Hill to Wilson Ave.

Wilson Avenue to

Mongeham Road

Cherry Lane

Ripple Road, Mongeham

Weds. 11th and 25th


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Dates for your Diary


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We would be grateful to receive any items for the April edition before 20th March, 2009 by E Mail:

Anyone wishing to advertise in subsequent issues, should produce 400 copies on an A5 flyer—these will then be delivered for £10 to every house and given to friends of Great Mongeham. Please telephone Peter on 364457.



DATES FOR YOUR DIARY in the Parish Hall


Great Mongeham Horticultural Society Wednesday, 4th March at 7.30 pm Dr. Simon Charlesworth will speak about ‘The Lavender Nursery’ and the competition is for 8 decorated Easter Buns.


Saint Martin’s W.I. Thursday, 12th March at 7.30 pm Don Wilks will talk about Costa Rica Humming Birds and Things. The competition is for a photo of a bird. New members will be made very welcome. On 29th March members will be attending the ACM at the Winter Gardens, Margate.


Great Mongeham Society Thursday, 19th March at 7.30 pm Catriona Blaker will give an illustrated talk about Augustus Pugin. Members visited his house last year. Visitors and new members welcome. Membership £7.00 a year. Entrance Fee for visitors £2.00.


Bingo Thursday, 25th March at 7.15 pm, “eyes down” at 7.30 pm.

Money prizes and raffle.


Snowdown Colliery Welfare Male Voice Choir will be singing in Saint Martin’s Church, Great Mongeham on Friday, 20th March at 7.30 pm. Tickets are available from Nigel Pitchford 01304 362202 and Diana Knight 01304 375420.


Clean Up Day The Parish Council has been concerned at the increasing amounts of litter along our roadways. To alleviate this situation, the council has decided to hold a village clean up day. Villagers are invited to participate in this event to show how much they care about the state of the village. Volunteers are being sought to give a helping hand and can choose to work on whichever section they feel is important to them.

Gloves and plastic bags will be provided for the main job of collecting litter. Please meet at the Parish Hall at 2 pm on Sunday, 29th March.




Page 2 Great Mongeham Newsletter March 2009


Benefice Priest in Charge: Rev. David Flewker Tel. 374076

Ordained Local Minister: Rev. Peter Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages,

Northbourne Road, Great Mongeham. Contact for Weddings and Baptisms Tel. 364457

Church Wardens: Bob Osbourne, 27 St. Radigunds Road, Dover, Kent. Tel. 330200

Judy Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages, Great Mongeham Tel. 364457

Secretary: Dr. Wendy Madgwick, Glendower, Mongeham Church Close, Great

Mongeham. Tel. 239143

Treasurer: Mr. N. Pitchford, 141 Mongeham Road, Great Mongeham. Tel. 362202



Sunday, 1st March Morning Praise 10.00 am

Sunday, 8th March Holy Communion 10.00 am

Sunday, 15th March Family Service 10.00 am

Evensong 4.00 pm

Please note change of time

Mothering Sunday, 22nd March Family Holy Communion 10.00 am

Sunday, 29th March Benifice Service at St. Richards 10.00 am

No flowers in Church during Lent.


We were all shocked and saddened to hear of the passing on of Simon Morgan while on holiday at Buckland in Gloucestershire on Sunday, 15th February. Simon, was a well loved man around the village and at St. Martin’s Church where he was once Church Warden. Through the Newsletter we would like to express our sincere feelings of sadness to Sue and her family.

The funeral service will be held at St. Martin’s on Thursday, 5th March at 1.45 pm.

A five week Lent course is being held for the whole benifice in the Upper Deal social centre on Wednesday evenings March 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th and 1st April from 7.30 pm until 9 pm. The word benifice means the group of churches to which St. Martins belongs. The other three being St. Leonard’s Church, Upper Deal, St. Nicholas, Sholden and St. Richard’s, Mill Hill. Anyone who wishes to attend and would like to know more please ring Peter Hambrook on 364457 or just turn up on the night. You can be assured of a good evening among friends with interesting conversation and discussions. PH



Paul Kavanagh Tel: 372297 Mick Godden Tel: 239801 Mobile 07713274760

MARCH SERVICES 10.30 am Every Sunday 6.30 pm 3rd Sunday Evening



Great Mongeham Horticultural Society The year got off to a good start at the February meeting, hosted by new Chairman, Keith Atkinson. Seed potatoes and pots were distributed to everyone who wished to take part in the ‘Grand Potato Competition’ in June. We had very interesting speakers to tell us about ‘The Salutation’ in Sandwich. The owner Mr. D. Parker gave a



Page 3 Great Mongeham Newsletter March 2009

gave a brief history of this important Lutyens house, then chief gardener Mr. S. Edley told us how he was bringing the gardens to life again after years of neglect. Everyone agreed that the talk and the accompanying slides had been enthralling and made us all want to visit the house and gardens! JB


Great Mongeham Society Stuart Bligh was a very welcome speaker to the meeting held in February . A good size audience heard what is available from the KCC Archives and Libraries in Maidstone, Dover, Deal and on the internet. Anyone wishing to delve into their family history, history of their house or their village will find plenty of research information available.

The March edition of the Journal of Kent History is now in circulation round the village. Once you have read it please pass it on to the next on the list. PSB


Saint Martin’s W.I. At the February meeting Colin Spicer gave an interesting and, at times moving talk with film on ‘Love in a Box’ the yearly shoe box appeal. Slides were shown of how and where this aid is distributed and the difference it has made to so many over the years.



Thank You to Brian for planting the yellow crocus for the Spring of 2000 on the Northbourne Road opposite Mongeham Church Close—they appear every year to welcome Spring. PSB


St. Martin’s Church yard clear ups have done very well and we can see parts of the Church yard that have not been exposed for several years. Many thanks to all who have helped in any way during the last few months. We are having one more on the 7th March from 10 am until 1 pm, before the bird nesting season gets fully underway. If you have an hour or so to spare please come along and join in. PH


Reminder British Summer Time begins Sunday, 29th March—Clocks go forward one hour.


Extract from the Deal, Walmer and Sandwich Telegram 13th October, 1877


A fire of intense violence raged at Great Mongeham on Monday afternoon last by which a considerable portion of the brewery premises of Messrs. Hills and Son, the malt house belonging to Miss Bray, a cart store and barn adjoining, an a number of valuable corn and fodder stacks, were partially and in some cases completely destroyed. Contiguous to the brewery of Messrs. Hills is, or was, a line of barns and granaries wherein was stored a large quantity of grain, and it is supposed that a spark from the chimneys near, lodged in the dry roof thatch of these old buildings and so caused the fire, for it was from one of these old buildings that at about 2.30 pm flames were first seen, and although an alarm was at once raised and measures promptly taken, the fire increased with surprising rapidity, and very soon had enveloped the pile in one mass of flame.

Unfortunately a strong northerly wind was blowing, and sparks were carried through the air among the numerous thatch roofed buildings with which the locality abounded …. Before long smoke was seen to issue from the other portion of the brewery, where thatch roofing existed,

and almost immediately a similar omen was seen ascending from the thatch of a malt house on the opposite side of the road…. Close to the malt house stood an old cart – store, and near that again, in the field adjoining were eight valuable stacks belonging to Mr. Waters, all of which rapidly took fire, and that portion of Great Mongeham by this time presented one entire mass of flames.

At about four O’clock the Deal Fire Brigade and engine, together with the engines from the Barracks with a large staff of Marines, poured into the village, and lost no time in grappling





Page 4 Great Mongeham Newsletter March 2009


with the fierce element, but the parts already on fire were found to be past saving, and efforts were directed to confining the fire, and to prevent it spreading to habitable portions of Messrs. Hills establishment, and the main portion of the brewery which contained the machinery. In this they were successful, although, as it is, a considerable part of the premises has been destroyed, the store houses are gutted, and nearly the whole of the barrelled ales in stock entirely lost. Indeed, at this point of the fire the ground literally flowed with beer, and great was the apparent thirst of men working among it, and many the dips which a certain tin measure made to alleviate it. We have been assured that tin measure got neither burnt not singed during the whole course of the fiery proceedings.

Much concern was naturally evinced by the occupants and owners of the houses in the vicinity. Thatched roofs four or five hundred yards off were lined with indefatigable volunteers with buckets, sousing the inflammable material with water ….. People cleared out their goods and chattels into the road, determined at least to save their furniture if they lost their houses.

The chief sufferers we believe, are Messrs. Hills, Miss Bray, and Mr. Waters. The corn and fodder stacks were insured in the Sun Fire Office, and the malt house and barn in the Norwich Union Office. It was not till some time after 8 pm that the fire was sufficiently exhausted to remove all fear of any further damage.




Organisation or Club Meetings Location Contact

Gt. Mongeham Parish Council 1st Thurs. 7.15 pm Parish Hall Terry Madgwick Tel 239143

Sarah Wells Tel.614320

Sunday School (3 yrs.& over) St. Martin’s Sylvia Griffiths Tel.367124

Bell Ringers Tues. 7.30 pm St. Martin’s Ken Gatland Tel.611283

1st Gt. Mongeham Brownies Weds. 5.30-7pm Term Time Baptist Hall Julie Caldwell Tel.372493

Good Companions Thurs. 2.30-4.15pm Parish Hall Barbara Spence Tel.375786

Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society 1st Weds. 7.30pm Parish Hall Joyce Blee Tel.372413

(No Meeting Jan. & Sept.)

Mongeham-Ripple W.I. 3rd Weds.2.30pm (Dec.2nd Weds) Parish Hall Sue Case Tel.374025

St. Martin’s W.I. 2nd Thurs. 7.30 pm Parish Hall Jennifer Windsor Tel.365694

Gt. Mongeham Parish Hall Bookings Judy Hambrook Tel 362815

Great Mongeham Society 3rd Thurs. 7.30 pm Parish Hall Jim Rees Tel.373307

(No Meeting in September and December)

T.A.F.-Mulberry Tree 1.30pm Mondays in Term Time Parish Hall Wendy Madgwick Tel 239143

Gt. Mongeham Art Group Tues. 1.45-3.45pm Term Time Parish Hall Julie Kersey Tel 373299

Karate Mons. and Weds. 6.30pm Parish Hall Jan Easton Tel 367001

Friends of St. Martin’s Nigel Pitchford Tel 362202

Yoga Tuesdays 6.00 pm Parish Hall Audrey Clarke Tel 368521

Scottish Country Dancing Tuesdays 8 pm Parish Hall Mary Quinton Tel 375836

or Margaret Bowden Tel 365428

Country and Western Dancing Fridays 7.30pm Parish Hall Wendy Fuller Tel 360286

Drop In Thursdays 10.00 am Parish Hall Barbara Spence Tel 375786

Lets Dance Monday 8—10 pm Parish Hall Janet Dean Tel 613927

Pilates Thursdays 5.45 –6.45pm Parish Hall Lorraine Pullen Tel 07734473784

Keep Fit For All Monday 10.30am—11.30 am Parish Hall Jan Anton Tel 07760150233

Baby Ballet Fridays 4 pm Parish Hall Jan Anton Tel 07760150233

Junior Jazz Friday 5 pm Parish Hall Jan Anton Tel 07760150233