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Issue 23  August, 2006





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Mondays 14th and

28th August

St. Richards Rd.,

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Diary Dates             1


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Christian Centre    2


 Village Reports      2


Great Mongeham Past          


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We would be grateful to receive any items for the September edition before the 20th August, 2006  by  telephone on 01304 375560 or E Mail:  Anyone wishing to advertise in subsequent issues, should produce 350 copies on an A5 flyer—these will then be delivered for £10 to every house and given to friends of Great Mongeham. Please Tel. 364457.


DATES FOR YOUR DIARY in the Parish Hall

Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society—Wednesday, 2nd August  at 7.30 pm—a representative from Brogdale National Fruit Collection

will give a talk to members.


St. Martin’s W.I.  Thursday 10th August—Summer Picnic with members and visitors bringing and sharing a picnic.


Bingo Thursday, 24th August at 7.15 pm.



Three Horse Shoes Fun Day will be held on Sunday, 27th August—all proceeds are to go towards the Deal division of the St. John Ambulance who will be in attendance.  Attractions will include a Bouncy Castle, Side Shows, Live Bands and a Beer Festival in the Garden.

Monday, 28th August—Flower Show and Boot Fair on the Village Green and in the Parish Hall.  To book pitches Tel. Peter on 364457.


Corners—Monday, 31st July until Friday, 4th August inc. at Northbourne Parish Hall and Playing Field. Corners is run by a group of people from local Churches and is for children aged five to eleven years old. For further details contact Peter Hambrook on 364457.


Kent & Medway Biological Records Centre is hosting Kent Goes Wild! 2006 at Shorne Wood Country Park near Gravesend on the 5th and 6th August, 2006.  This free event aims to increase the public’s awareness of Kent’s wildlife, by bringing together expert county wildlife recorders with the general public. For further information go to or call KMBRC on 01622 685646/780.


Please check on Hall Meetings, as some groups close down for August.  The contact numbers are on the back of this Newsletter.


Page 2 Great Mongeham Newsletter August, 2006


Benefice Priest in Charge: David Kendrew Tel. 374076

Ordained Local Minister: Rev. Peter Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages,

Northbourne Road, Great Mongeham. Contact for Weddings and Baptisms Tel. 364457

Church Wardens: Hugh Norton, Hillside House, Ellens Road, Gt. Mongeham Tel. 368278

Judy Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages, Great Mongeham Tel. 364457

Secretary: Dr. Wendy Madgwick, Glendower, Mongeham Church Close, Great

Mongeham. Tel. 239143

Treasurer: Mr. N. Pitchford, 141 Mongeham Road, Great Mongeham. Tel. 362202



Sunday, 6th August Morning Praise 10.00 am

Sunday, 13th August Holy Communion 10.00 am

Sunday, 20th August Family Service 10.00 am

Evensong 6.00 pm

Sunday, 27th August Holy Communion 10.00 am


FLOWER ROTA Sunday, 6th August Judy Hambrook and Janet Lawrence

Sunday, 13th August Rosemarie Middleton and Wendy Madgwick

Sunday, 20th August Mary Hopper

Sunday, 27th August Diana Knight


 Paul Kavanagh Tel: 372297 Mick Godden Tel: 239801 Mobile 07713274760

AUGUST SERVICES 10.30 am Every Sunday 6.30 pm 3rd Sunday Evening



Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society had two events in July. First the Annual Horticultural Quiz set by Brian Knight, which was very difficult but at least there were multiple choices so there were some very good guesses!! The winner was Wes Watson.

Secondly, to coincide with the Village Fun Day, the Society’s Rose and Sweet Pea Show was held in the Village Hall. A superb display of Roses, Sweet Peas and Vegetables were greatly admired by club members and visitors. JB


St. Martin’s W.I welcomed back Pru Bell after eight months in the U.S.A.

Janet Pope ‘Freedom Wigs’ gave a very interesting talk and members had a chance to try on wigs in various styles and colours.

Bridgette Mabbett was thanked for selling the Teddy’s names at the Fun Afternoon. His name was Charlie and Brenda took him home.

The W.I. Calendar Girl who took the world by storm and shock in some places, has raised over £1 million pounds for Leukaemia Research and they started by wanting money to buy a settee.

On a pleasant evening, Gt. Mongeham Society’s walk with Jim Rees, went across to the Brooks, around the church, down by Cherry Lane and back to The Three Horseshoes. Jim gave a brief insight into past history on five place on route. A drink in the garden at the Inn was enjoyed, where a very lively game of Bat and Trap was taking place. PSB


Page 3 Great Mongeham Newsletter August, 2006


The Barn Dance held in Solley’s Grain Store at the beginning of July was a well-attended, fun event. This year, we had a change of band, namely Meadow Folk, with a different caller. All those present enjoyed learning a few new dances and it was good to welcome along some first timers.  The evening raised well over £400 for St. Martin’s Church general running costs.  Many thanks to David Solley for the use of his barn and farmyard.                                    PH


The Village Fun Afternoon took place on the Village Green on the 8th July. The highlight for me, was the Tug-o-War between the Three Horseshoes and the Yew Tree Public Houses.  The winners of course were the Three Horseshoes.  Well done.  The whole event was as it should be, a fun afternoon with a good flower show, plenty of side shows and children’s races.   The Parish Council, who kindly provided the marquee and the Trustees of the Parish Hall, sponsored the event.  Many thanks to them both and long may these village events continue.            PH


Judging by the laughter and noise generated by the Punch and Judy Man, he was certainly a great success at the Fun Afternoon and the gamble the Great Mongeham Society took in booking him paid off.  Thanks to Steve Manion and his son Richard for their help and to artist Sylvia Bowsher.

Profit from a raffle, mini hoopla, sale of art, bowling, giant hoopla and collection amounted to £141.  The cost of the Punch and Judy was £120 thus allowing us to give £21 to Saint Martin’s Church.                                                                                                        DK Society President


Barbara Spence did a stirling job at the Fun Afternoon by selling books and jigsaws on behalf of the Thursday Morning Drop In.  The library is always available on a Thursday morning at 10 am in the Parish Hall.                                                                                                          PSB


Great Mongeham Shotokan Karate Club Junior gradings took place on Wednesday evening, 21st June, 2006 and the results were as follows—congratulations to Jake Allingham, Genevieve Butt, Andrew Genesi, Heather Keith, Kiya Kelly, Thomas Slater and Brandon Virtue who obtained their RED belts. Cante Osmond received an ORANGE belt and Josh Forrest and Ross Scott their YELLOW belts.                                                                                                    PH


Joan Flynn, who is now feeling much better, has asked that the Newsletter print a thank you to all the people who sent her get well cards and held her in in their thoughts and prayers during her recent illness.

The Leather Bottle  Again ‘they’ have struck.  The bench outside the pub was taken on Friday 7th July—now someone has a matching pair, having taken one last year.


Re-varnishing the Parish Hall floor  will be carried out on two days in August—a notice will be displayed on the door.



Page 4 Great Mongeham Newsletter August, 2006


Great Mongeham Past This month we shall take a look at numbers 111 to 123 Mongeham Road.  These include what was known in years past as the Laundry Cottages 111 and 113.

There were three of them at one time and now it is two houses.  It is said, it was once a laundry or at least the then occupiers, probably around the time of the First World War, took in washing. 

The two little terrace type houses next door at 117 and 119 were once known as Hillside and Sandown Cottage, at one time housing quite large families, the Drews and the Pilchers.  The Pilchers moved to Sandown Cottage when their family became too large, from the house next door to where they lived.  They only had two rooms, a washhouse and a shared toilet.  The house next door was one of three bungalows that were known as the Chalk Bungalows, now 121 and 123,  so called because they were built of chalk, which was probably mined from their own back garden.  There used to be evidence of chalk excavations behind them.  Chalk mining took place at several locations around  the Great Mongeham area.  The bungalows are now two and the new owners of 121 are lovingly restoring it.

During the 2nd World War, two of the bungalows were occupied by the army whose job, for some of the time, was to man the road-block that used to be set up outside the property and opposite the Baptist Chapel.  They also manned the Pillar Box that used to be next door to the Three Horseshoes and jutted well out into the road.  Towards the end of the war they left, as the likelihood of an invasion and the need for road-blocks became less of a threat.  Only one ever remained occupied by a lady by the name of Miss Virgo.  The other two became very derelict and indeed became a play area for the local children, who spent their time playing soldiers in and around them.  



Organisation or Club                  Meetings                 Location                      Contact

Gt. Mongeham Parish Council    1st Thurs. 7.15 pm             Parish Hall      Brian Knight      Tel.375420

                                                                                                                        Sarah Wells        Tel.614320

Sunday School (3 yrs.& over)                                                 St. Martin’s    Sylvia Griffiths  Tel.367124

Bell Ringers                                 Tues. 7.30 pm                     St. Martin’s     Ken Gatland      Tel.611283

1st Gt. Mongeham Brownies   Weds. 5.30-7pm  Term Time  Baptist Hall   Julie Caldwell     Tel.372493

 Good Companions                      Thurs. 2.30-4.15pm            Parish Hall     Barbara Spence   Tel.375786

 Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society  1st Weds. 7.30pm      Parish Hall     Joyce Blee            Tel.372413

                                                 (No Meeting Jan. & Sept.)

Mongeham-Ripple W.I.  3rd Weds.2.30pm (Dec.2nd Weds) Parish Hall    Sue Case              Tel.374025

St. Martin’s W.I.                          2nd Thurs. 7.30 pm            Parish Hall    Margaret Musson Tel 374010

Gt. Mongeham Parish Hall Committee Bookings                                          Judy Hambrook  Tel.362815

Great Mongeham Society           3rd Thurs. 7.30 pm              Parish Hall     Jim Rees              Tel.373307

                                         (No Meeting in August and December)

T.A.F.-Mulberry Tree      1.30pm Mondays in Term Time    Parish Hall    Wendy Madgwick Tel 239143

Gt. Mongeham Art Group  Tues. 1.45-3.45pm Term Time    Parish Hall    Dorothy Sharpe    Tel 372339

Karate                                  Mons. and Weds. 6.30pm          Parish Hall    Jan Easton              Tel 367001

Friends of St. Martin’s                                                                                  Brian Knight         Tel 375420

Yoga                                       Tuesdays 6.00 pm                   Parish Hall     Audrey Clarke      Tel 368521

Scottish Country Dancing   Weds. 10-11.30am Term Time  Parish Hall     Mary Quinton or

                                             Tuesdays 8 pm      Term Time  Parish Hall     Margaret Bowden Tel 375836

Country and Western Dancing       Fridays 7.30pm               Parish Hall      Pam Cane            Tel 373841

Drop In                                 Thursdays 10.00 am                  Parish Hall    Barbara Spence     Tel 375786

Lets Dance                           Monday 8—10 pm                    Parish Hall     Janet Dean            Tel 613927