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Issue 15  November, 2005






Monday - Friday

9.00am - 4.30pm

Closed 1.00 –2.00 pm

Last Box Collection

4.30 pm



Monday, November 7th

and 21st

St. Richards Rd.,

St. Francis Close

St. Edmund’s  Road

Wed. November 2nd,

16th and  30th






Diary Dates             1


St. Martin’s            2

Christian Centre    2


Village Reports      3


Ploughing Match  3


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Clubs                     4                            

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DATES FOR YOUR DIARY in the Parish Hall


Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society Wednesday, 2nd November at 7.30 pm  - Annual General Meeting.


Gt. MongehamParish Council Meeting—Thursday, 3rd November at 7.15 pm.


St. Martin’s W.I. Thursday, 10th November when Swanstitch of Deal give a demonstration. Visitors and new members welcome for a 7.30 pm start.


Gt. Mongeham Society– Annual General Meeting and Quiz, Thursday, 17th November at 7.30 pm.


14th Great Mongeham Art Show Saturday, 19th and Sunday, 20th November 11 am—4 pm. Contact Brian Knight Tel. 375420




BON VOYAGE Gavin Lawrence as he goes to New Zealand  playing cricket for Lower Hutt.



Page 2 Great Mongeham Newsletter November, 2005



Benefice Priest in Charge: David Kendrew                                                            Tel. 374076

Ordained Local Minister: Rev. Peter Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages,

Northbourne Road, Great Mongeham.  Contact for Weddings and Baptisms       Tel. 364457

Church Wardens: Hugh Norton, Hillside House, Ellens Road, Gt. Mongeham    Tel. 368278

                             Judy Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages, Great Mongeham          Tel. 364457

Secretary:  Dr. Wendy Madgwick, Glendower, Mongeham Church Close, Great

Mongeham.                                                                                                             Tel. 239143

Treasurer: Mr. N. Pitchford, 141 Mongeham Road, Great Mongeham.                Tel.  362202



Sunday,  6th November         Family Service                                                            10.00 am

Sunday, 13th November        Holy Communion                                                       10.00 am                                                                        

Sunday,  20th November       Family Service                                                            10.00  am

                                               Evensong                                                                      6.00  pm

Sunday,  27th November       Holy Communion                                                        10.00 am


BIBLE STUDY  evening at 7.30 pm on  Friday, 11th November—Enquiries Tel. 364457.    





Saturday, 24th September, 2005 By Special Licence

Andrew Kirk and Julie Murphy of Eltham, London


On Sunday, 20th November at 7.00 pm there will be a meeting held in St. Martin’s Church, to which all parishioners are invited to come along and look at the proposals for the reordering of the interior of the parish church.  St. Martin’s, like a number of other rural churches, is slowly running into financial difficulties, and within a short while we shall not be able to maintain the

building that we all love.  We have to find ways of using the Church for the whole community and thus make it more viable to maintain.  At the moment, it is almost unheated and falls way short of all the needs and requirements of a public building, so the PCC have been looking into ways that will ensure that we still have a church building in Great Mongeham for future generations.                                                                                                                             PH


FLOWER ROTA  Sunday,  6th November      Wendy Madgwick and Rosemarie Middleton

                                Sunday, 13th November      Diana Knight

                                Sunday, 20th November      Mary Hopper

                                Sunday, 27th November      Janet Lawrence and Judy Hambrook



 Paul Kavanagh   Tel: 372297   Mick Godden     Tel:  239801 Mobile 07713274760


NOVEMBER  SERVICES   10.30 am Every Sunday     6.30 pm 1st and 3rd Sunday Evenings



Page 3 Great Mongeham Newsletter November, 2005


CLUB, SOCIETY AND VILLAGE REPORTS Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society The  Autumn Show on October 5th was very successful and the judges complimented the club on the standard and number of exhibits.  It certainly was a lovely display.  The Christmas party on December 7th was discussed and it was decided to repeat last year’s very enjoyable format of a ’bring and share’ supper, with drinks provided by the committee and a light-hearted quiz.  All members were urged to think seriously about standing for committee at the A.G.M.             JB


Saint Martin’s W.I.  At the Meeting held on Thursday, 13th October, members voted for Mrs. Denise Sapsford as their new President, with a committee of six to assist her. Mrs. Diana Terry, out going President, welcomed her to the position and presented her with a President’s badge to wear for her term in office.  A quiz was held during the refreshment break while the new committee allocated the various jobs.                                                                                          PSB


On behalf of the Parish Hall Committee, I should like to thank the groups who have sent letters of support,  for replacement of the hall ceiling heaters.  The letters will be put before the Grant Commission and we hope to receive help with the funding of the heaters in the near future.                                                                                                              P.M. Scott-Bradford

A fun evening was had by all who attended the Harvest Supper in the Parish Hall on the 1st October.  A good profit of over £300 was raised and with other donations and gifts we were able to send £400 to Father Georges Ranavio in Madagascar.  Grateful thanks to all who helped to make this a great celebration of harvest festival.                                                                   PH


Gt. Mongeham Society It was certainly the ‘Fascinating Life of Bats’ - Shirley Thompson gave a talk that enthralled members and visitors alike.  With pictures, she showed us their habitats, shapes and size and so much more.  From a few bat droppings she was able to confirm a species, around Great Mongeham that she hopes to record.  Shirley brought along a furry friend, who will never fly again but is very happy to stay with her.  Bats live many years, as some, who have been ringed have proved.  A few myths were proved old wives tales and made sure in the next season members will be out Bat spotting.                                                                   PSB


The Ploughing Match …… A Ploughman’s view

I have competed at the East Kent Ploughing Match many times over the past 26 years with varying degrees of success.  It was with great pleasure that I got the chance to plough again after a break of 6 years.  This year’s match was held at Quex Park, Birchington.  To be in the field ready to draw lots at 9.00 am, a 7.30 am start from our yard was in order.

Having arrived in good time there was the usual chat with the other ploughmen, some more familiar than others, however it is amazing how you strike up a conversation with a stranger when we all have one thing in common, a love of ploughing.  It is a task that can be very frustrating when things aren’t going right, yet very satisfying when you do a good job.

On the arrival of the class steward, we draw lots to decide which plot each ploughman will be allocated.  There is always a little apprehension, as the soil can change many times across a field, if you draw a good plot you are halfway there!  Average ploughing on a good plot can look good, whereas average ploughing on a bad plot is best viewed from a distance, ideally a couple of miles!

Once we have our plots or “cants” as we tend to call them, we open them up, which is to draw the first furrows out.  They need to be straight and to a specified depth.  Once done, it is time to get the flask out and wait for the judges.  When they have finished we can plough the rest of the cant.  This should take no more than 75 minutes, the time soon flies past and thoughts such as:



Page 4 Great Mongeham Newsletter November, 2005


Am I going to finish in time? Do the furrows match? Are the ends tidy? Have I buried all the rubbish? Is it straight? Don’t do anything stupid there are too many people watching!

All these and many more occupy your mind as you head towards the all important “finish”.  The object is to end up straight and parallel with the adjacent cant, which is easier said than done!

Job finished, I go to friends and family and head towards the showground for some refreshment at some of the trade stands.  It always seems to take ages to walk a couple of hundred yards as you continuously meet up with old friends and chat.  At 1.00 pm the results are posted.  It is very close, only 4 points cover the top 4 in our class and sadly I’m 4th.  It’s then when the “if onlys” start.  Never mind, that means more time to socialize in the afternoon, and not compete in the plough off.  After a couple of hours walking, taking, eating and drinking (coffee only) we all gather for the prize giving and then think of heading home.

By now people are starting to tell me that I don’t look too well, I had been hobbling all day following a knock to my knee the previous day.  When I got home I was persuaded to visit A and E.  The next thing I knew, I had been admitted and put on a drip and where did I end up? Quex ward at the QEQM Hospital.  Very apt! There is a moral to this somewhere, but I have yet to work it out.

Illnesses  aside, I very much enjoyed the 61st East Kent Ploughing Match and long may it continue.                                                                                                            Ian Lawrence



Organisation or Club                  Meetings                 Location                      Contact

Gt. Mongeham Parish Council    1st Thurs. 7.15 pm             Parish Hall      Brian Knight      Tel.375420

                                                                                                                        Sarah Wells        Tel.614320

Sunday School (3 yrs.& over)                                                 St. Martin’s    Sylvia Griffiths  Tel.367124

Bell Ringers                                 Tues. 7.30 pm                     St. Martin’s     Ken Gatland      Tel.611283

1st Gt. Mongeham Brownies   Weds. 5.30-7pm  Term Time  Baptist Hall   Julie Caldwell     Tel.372493

 Good Companions                      Thurs. 2.30-4.15pm            Parish Hall     Daisy Ovenden    Tel.371688

 Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society  1st Weds. 7.30pm      Parish Hall     Joyce Blee            Tel.372413

                                                 (No Meeting Jan. & Sept.)

Mongeham-Ripple W.I.  3rd Weds.2.30pm (Dec.2nd Weds) Parish Hall    Sue Case              Tel.374025

St. Martin’s W.I.                          2nd Thurs. 7.30 pm            Parish Hall    Margaret Musson Tel 374010

Gt. Mongeham Parish Hall Committee Bookings                                          Judy Hambrook  Tel.362815

Great Mongeham Society           3rd Thurs. 7.30 pm              Parish Hall     John Bowsher     Tel.369405

                                         (No Meeting in August and December)

T.A.F.-Mulberry Tree      1.30pm Mondays in Term Time    Parish Hall    Wendy Madgwick Tel 239143

Gt. Mongeham Art Group  Tues. 1.45-3.45pm Term Time    Parish Hall    Dorothy Sharpe    Tel 372339

Wednesday Art Group        Weds. 1.30 –3.30 pm                   Parish Hall   Petronella Dale     Tel 373084

Karate                                  Mons. and Weds. 6.30pm          Parish Hall    Jan Easton              Tel 367001

Friends of St. Martin’s                                                                                  Brian Knight         Tel 375420

Yoga                                       Tuesdays 6.00 pm                   Parish Hall     Audrey Clarke      Tel 368521

Scottish Country Dancing   Weds. 10-11.30am Term Time  Parish Hall     Mary Quinton or

                                             Tuesdays 8 pm      Term Time  Parish Hall     Margaret Bowden Tel 375836

Country and Western Dancing       Fridays 7.30pm               Parish Hall      Pam Cane            Tel 373841

Drop In                                 Thursdays 10.00 am                  Parish Hall    Barbara Spence     Tel 375786

Tiny Talk                              Monday 10.30-11.30am           Parish Hall    Trisha McLellan    Tel 813941

Lets Dance                           Monday 8—10 pm                    Parish Hall     Janet Dean            Tel 613927

Messy Monsters             Fridays 10 –11am       Parish Hall  Caroline Chambers    Tel. 381354

                                            Term Time                                                                 07773 295953