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Issue 12  August, 2005






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Monday 1st, 15th and 29th August

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Diary Dates             1

Future Events         1

St. Martin’s            2

Christian Centre    2

Club, Society and   3                            

Village  Reports                              

Parish Council       4

Organisations and                                      Clubs                      4

This is our 12th edition—we do hope you are enjoying the Great Mongeham Newsletter  - if you have any news items that you would like included in the September issue, we would be grateful to receive these before the 20th August, 2005 by telephone on 01304 375560 or E Mail:  Anyone wishing to advertise in subsequent issues, should produce 350 copies on an A5 flyer—these will then be delivered for £10 to every house and given to friends of Great Mongeham. Tel. 364457.


 DATES FOR YOUR DIARY In the Parish Hall

Great Mongeham Horticultural Society Wednesday, 3rd August at 7.30 pm—Preparing Cookery and Craft for Shows.

St. Martin’s W.I.  Monday, 8th August at 7 pm—Treasure Trail from the Parish Hall  along Mongeham Road to finish with a BBQ at Ian and Denise Sapsford. Thursday, 11th August at 7.30pm  - Helen Carter on Vegetarian Cookery.

Parish Hall Committee Annual General Meeting was cancelled  on 28th July and rescheduled for Thursday, 18th August at 7.30 pm.

August Flower Show and Boot Fair  Bank Holiday Monday, 29th August. Pitches still available contact Peter Hambrook –Tel. 364457.


Corners Week Monday, 1st August—Friday, 5th August inclusive from 10.00 am—3 pm in Northbourne Parish Hall and on the Recreation Ground—a five day summer mission for local children. Contact Peter Hambrook—Tel. 364457.



Great Mongeham Society Thursday, 15th September at 7.30pm —The Restoration of Ripple Mill—Keith Atkinson.


Harvest Supper—Saturday, 1st October at 6.30pm Contact Peter Hambrook Tel. 364457.


14th Great Mongeham Art Show Saturday 19th November and Sunday, 20th November 11 am—4 pm  Brian Knight Tel. 375420


MANY THANKS to all the well wishers who kindly phoned or came round to ask how Hugh was progressing.  I am delighted to say that he is doing well and every day brings a new achievement. Your kind thoughts were much appreciated by us all.                 Yvonne Norton


LOST AND FOUND a child’s navy blue hooded sweatshirt near the Side Shows at the Village Fun Day held on the Green, the afternoon of Saturday, 9th July.  Contact Diana Knight Tel. 375420.



Page 2 Great Mongeham Newsletter August, 2005


Benefice Priest in Charge: David Kendrew                                                            Tel. 374076

Ordained Local Minister: Rev. Peter Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages,

Northbourne Road, Great Mongeham.  Contact for Weddings and Baptisms       Tel. 364457

Church Wardens: Hugh Norton, Hillside House, Ellens Road, Gt. Mongeham    Tel. 368278

                             Judy Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages, Great Mongeham          Tel. 364457

Secretary:  Dr. Wendy Madgwick, Glendower, Mongeham Church Close, Great

Mongeham.                                                                                                             Tel. 239143

Treasurer: Mr. N. Pitchford, 141 Mongeham Road, Great Mongeham.                Tel.  362202



Sunday,  7th August              Family Service                                                                10.00 am

Sunday, 14th August             Holy Communion                                                            10.00 am                                                                       

Sunday, 21st August             Family Service                                                                 10.00  am

                                              Evensong                                                                            6.00  pm

Sunday, 28th August            Holy Communion                                                             10.00 am

Sunday, 2nd  October           Harvest Festival                                                                10.00 am

FLOWER ROTA     Sunday,  7th August     Wendy Madgwick and Rosemarie Middleton

                                   Sunday,  14th August     Judy Hambrook and Janet Lawrence

                                   Sunday,  21st August     Mary Hopper

                                   Sunday,  28th August     Diana Knight



 Paul Kavanagh   Tel: 372297   Mick Godden     Tel:  239801 Mobile 07713274760


AUGUST  SERVICES  10.30 am Every Sunday     6.30 pm 1st and 3rd Sunday Evenings 


A change of name but not a change of faith  At the beginning of this year we felt God was challenging us about people’s attitudes towards “Church” with a particular question, “What’s in a name?”  When talking to people about Church, questions about denominations often arise.  What do Baptists do?  What is the difference between Baptists, Church of England, Methodists etc?  Whilst these issues can provoke interesting conversations it is important to say that you will find no denominations in the Bible only the Christian faith which is what we now display on the front of our building.

 However, when you mention Church it opens a whole can of worms and reveals just how negative an attitude people can have towards it.  Church is alright for Christenings, Weddings and Funerals also as a place to seek solace when horrors such as Thursday 7th shake our lives.  But for everyday life opinions of Church are generally pretty grim, cold buildings, hard seats, old songs, dreary music and boring sermons and if that isn’t bad enough the collection plate will be passed round at every opportunity so you can be parted from your money.

At this point, it is important to say that not all Church’s are like this but if you can’t get people through the door then you can’t change their opinions.  Also, the word “Church” has now come to mean a particular building (I’m going to Church) where as it originally referred to a group of believers who shared the Christian faith and met in each others houses.

As a Christian Centre we are saying that we are the centre of the Christian faith, that place belongs solely to Jesus, so in a way it can best be described like this, if you go to Manston Golf



Page 3 Great Mongeham Newsletter August, 2005

Centre then you would expect to find people who can answer your questions about golf and to equip you to play the game.  We aim to fulfil the same role in the Christian faith, to answer’s people’s questions about our faith and to offer resources to people who want to know more.

                                                                                                                              Mick Godden

Club, Society and Village Reports

The Barn Dance  held on Saturday, 2nd July in the grain store at Solley’s Farm was a resounding success.  Over 130 people attended and participated in the “dancing.”  It was run to raise funds for St. Martin’s Church, with profit exceeding £550.  Many thanks to David Solley for the use of the venue and to all who helped in any way to prepare for and run the evening.


Village Fun Day Many thanks to all who helped make the fun day a great event.  There was a good attendance and plenty of entertainment to suit all tastes.  Top of the bill must have been the tug-of-war between three local pubs with The Yew Tree winning the trophy.  Several village organizations profited from the event that was sponsored by our Parish Council and the Parish Hall Trustees.                                                                                                             PH

The stall for the Riding for the Disabled raised a magnificent £40—thank you to all  those who donated plants and supported us in any way.                                                                Val Rees


Village Walks On two occasions there have been walks around the village organised by Hugh Norton who unfortunately is still in QEQM Hospital after suffering a stroke, (he is making good progress and we wish him well.)  In the event of his absence the walks were led by other folk.  About a dozen people attended each time and in spite of the nettles all had fun!       PH


Great Mongeham Horticultural Society On 6th July, the Society met first to hear about the Betteshanger Regeneration Project and afterwards to participate in our Annual Horticultural Quiz organized by Brian Knight.  We may be keen gardeners but our knowledge of technical and Latin words was woefully low, judging by the marks.  The winner was Millie Forster.                                

On Saturday, 9th July, in conjunction with the Village Fun Day, the Rose and Sweet Pea Show was held.  The Parish Hall glowed with the colours and scent of flowers, fruit and vegetables which were admired by many visitors during the afternoon.  A week later, the Club entered                                       two exhibits in the Kent County Show and were awarded one second and one third prize.  This was the first time the Club had entered a major show and it was a great achievement.  Congratulations to those who won individual prizes— 15 in total. Well done Gt. Mongeham.  JB


St. Martin’s W.I. members enjoyed Lyn Baines talk on Dolls and Doll’s Houses through the ages. The W.I. Top Team Quiz was won by St. Margarets, Gt. Mongeham and Ripple tying for 3rd place, Ashley with Studdal and St. Martin’s coming in 4th—a very good evening.

The Stall at the Village Fun afternoon had many visitors and plenty of people taking part in the Guess the weight of the cake—winning weight was 885 gm.                                              PSB


Great Mongeham Society  On the 21st July, it was the ideal summer evening, warm, dry with cool wine to sample.  Members were fascinated to learn about grape growing, from the type of earth and plants required to the picking and making of the wine.  There are three and a half acres of well tended vines at Barnsole, Staple—one of the 330 British Vineyards and the growers have just received a Silver Medal for their red wine.                                                     PSB



Page 4 Great Mongeham Newsletter August, 2005


The Parish Council have received a request to move the litter bin situated next to the bench at the junction of Cherry Lane and Northbourne Road.  This bin was paid for by the Parish Council following a request at the 1999 Annual Parish Meeting.  The problem at the time was that people using the bench were leaving rubbish on the path.

It seems now that this bin is being used for large amounts of dog mess, not just from those cleaning up whilst walking their dogs but also by people cleaning up dog mess from their gardens.

The Parish Council will request that DDC empty the bin more often but would also ask that large amounts of dog waste are not put in this bin.  There is a dog waste bin situated at the end of Church Path.  If you are cleaning up your garden please put the waste in your own dustbin or in the dog waste bin.

The Parish Council do not wish to remove this bin as the original problem of rubbish on the path will reoccur, it will cost £75 to move the bin further along the path away from residential properties.  This £75 will come out of the Parish Precept—your rate money.

Your co-operation in this matter would be greatly appreciated. 

                                                                                  Sarah Wells—Clerk to the Parish Council

The Newsletter team reserve the right to print interesting excerpts from the monthly Great Mongeham Parish Council Minutes.  Full copies of the Minutes and Accounts are available on the Council website and on the Parish Hall Notice-board.



Organisation or Club                  Meetings                 Location                      Contact

Gt. Mongeham Parish Council    1st Thurs. 7.15 pm             Parish Hall      Brian Knight      Tel.375420

                                                                                                                        Sarah Wells        Tel.614320

Sunday School (3 yrs.& over)                                                 St. Martin’s    Sylvia Griffiths  Tel.367124

Bell Ringers                                 Tues. 7.30 pm                    St. Martin’s     Ken Gatland       Tel.611283

1st Gt. Mongeham Brownies      Weds. 5.30-7pm                  Baptist Hall   Julie Caldwell     Tel.372493

                                                          Term Time

Good Companions                      Thurs. 2.30-4.15pm           Parish Hall      Daisy  Ovenden  Tel.371688

 Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society  1st Weds. 7.30pm      Parish Hall     Joyce Blee         Tel. 372413

                                                 (No Meeting Jan. & Sept.)

Mongeham-Ripple W.I.  3rd Weds.2.30pm (Dec.2nd Weds) Parish Hall    Sue Case              Tel.374025

St. Martin’s W.I.                          2nd Thurs. 7.30 pm            Parish Hall     P. Scott-Bradford Tel.364769

Gt. Mongeham Parish Hall Committee Bookings                                         Judy Hambrook   Tel. 362815

Great Mongeham Society           3rd Thurs. 7.30 pm              Parish Hall    John Bowsher      Tel. 369405

                                         (No Meeting in August and December)

T.A.F.-Mulberry Tree      1.30pm Mondays in Term Time    Parish Hall    Wendy Madgwick Tel 239143

Gt. Mongeham Art Group  Tues. 1.45-3.45pm Term Time    Parish Hall    Dorothy Sharpe    Tel 372339

Karate                                  Mons. and Weds. 6.30pm          Parish Hall    Jan Easton            Tel 367001

Friends of St. Martin’s                                                                                  Brian Knight         Tel 375420

Yoga                                       Tuesdays 6.00 pm                   Parish Hall     Audrey Clarke      Tel 368521

Scottish Country Dancing   Weds. 10-11.30am Term Time  Parish Hall     Mary Quinton or

                                             Tuesdays 8 pm      Term Time  Parish Hall     Margaret Bowden Tel 375836

Country and Western Dancing       Fridays 7.30pm               Parish Hall    Pam  Cane            Tel 373841

Drop In                                 Thursdays 10.00 am                  Parish Hall    Barbara Spence     Tel 375786

Tiny Talk                              Monday 10.30-11.30am           Parish Hall    Trisha McLellan    Tel 813941

Lets Dance                           Monday 8-10 pm                      Parish Hall      Janet Dean           Tel 613927