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Issue 1  September, 2004




             POST OFFICE


          Monday - Friday


        Closed 1.00-2.00pm

         Last Box Collection

                   4.30 pm


          RECYCLE DAYS

    Monday.,13th September

    Monday., 27th Septmber




Inside this issue:


Diary Dates                         1

St. Martin’s Church            2

Baptist Church                   2

Village Fun Day                  3


Corners                                3

Village Design Statement  3

Organisations and

Clubs                                   4

Welcome to the first issue of the Great Mongeham Newsletter.  It is hoped that this will be delivered free to every householder, in Great Mongeham, on a trial basis for the next six months.

If you have any news item you would like included in the October issue, I would be grateful to receive these before the 20th Septmber, 2004 by telephone on 375560 or E.Mail

As the new School Year commences, we wish all the children in our village a happy and successful year and look forward to welcoming everyone to one or more of the many activities taking place in our village.





The Great Mon-Jam

September 11, 2004 from 12.30 pm—6 pm on the Village Green.  Stars include Maambena, Deal Junior Wind Ensemble, Brew Ha-Ha, The Maridadi Singers and students from Christ Church University College, Thanet Campus, will entertain with music from around the World.  This year 10% of the profits will be donated to the Friends of St. Martin’s Church.  Anyone who would like to have a stall at the event, costing £15 per pitch, or help on the day should contact Jonathan Russell on 01304 362143.

Art Show

Sponsored Bike Ride

Contact:Steve Manion 07968972746



Harvest Supper and Quiz

Saturday, 2nd October in the Parish Hall at 7 pm prompt—In aid of Madagascar—Contact: Judy or Peter Hambrook Tel. 364457


Page 2 Great Mongeham Newsletter September, 2004




Benefice Priest in Charge: David Kendrew                            Tel. 374076

Ordained Local Minister: Rev. Peter Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages,

Gt. Mongeham.Contact for Weddings and Baptisms             Tel.364457 

Churchwardens: Hugh Norton, Hillside House, Gt Mongeham.


Judy Hambrook, 4 Brewery Cottages, Great Mongeham.     Tel. 364457

Secretary: Wendy Madgwick, Glendover, Mongeham Church Close, Great Mongeham                                                                      Tel. 239143


Service at St. Martin’s

Sunday, 5th September         Family Service                         10.00 am

Sunday, 12th September       Holy Communion                     10.00 am 

Sunday, 19th September       Family Service                         10.00 am 

                                                Evensong                                    6.00 pm 

         Visiting Bell Ringers will ring quarter peel starting at 4.45 pm 

Sunday, 26th September       Holy Communion                     10.00 am

(5th Sundays by arrangement)

Sunday, 3rd October              Harvest Festival                      10.00 am

Sunday, 14th November        Confirmation Service              10.00 am      


Parish Register Baptisms

June 20th, 2004   Thomas Alan Clarke, Niall Aiden Tucker-Smyth

July 18th, 2004    Chloe Ann Raggio,  Ellen Sue Raggio


Flower Rota

September 5th, 2004              Diana Knight

September 12th, 2004            Judy Hambrook

September 19th, 2004            Mary Hopper

September 26th, 2004            Janet Lawrence


BAPTIST CHURCH   Paul Kavanagh Tel: 372297

                                       Mick Godden     Tel: 375931

Baptist Church Services


Celebration of Children— St. Augustine’s Church, Northbourne

Saturday, September 4th, 2004 from 10.00 am—12 Noon.

Including: Arts & Crafts, Refreshments, Puppets—Bell Tower will be open. Everyone welcome to join in the fun. No Entrance Fee.


Page 3 Great Mongeham Newsletter September, 2004


Village Fun Day and Barn Dance 3rd July, 2004

In spite of changeable weather, once again the Village Fun Day was a great success.  There was a good feeling of the Village pulling together, even though we never managed to raise village tug-o-war teams. We had a children’s versus the adults instead and guess who won! Great Mongeham Gardeners held their early Summer Show of Flowers and Vegetables in the Parish Hall together with a display by local artists.

Other organisations and friends of the Village looked after the various fun activities with monies raised for whatever they chose.  The Brownies, Good Companions, Walmer Lifeboat, The Friends of St. Martin’s and St. Martin’s Church being the main beneficiaries. The Barn Dance was as usual good fun, and was run in aid of St. Martin’s Church general funds.  Thanks to all who helped in any way to make this a fun day with special thanks to the Parish Hall, and Parish Council who sponsored the day and to Solley’s Farms for the use of the Potato Barn. PH                                        

Corners Week

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!  By the time you read this, the School holidays will be almost over.  We held the annual ‘Corners’ event, a five-day summer mission for young children, in the Northbourne Parish Hall and Playing Field at the beginning of August.  The event is run by local Christians, for local children who come from all around—among those attending, St. Martin’s Sunday School was well represented.  A tiring time for all the helpers with 70 children this year but also a very rewarding time for them all.  Many thanks for the help received though out the week.  We look forward to next year, which will be held at the same time during the Summer Holidays.  PH   


Village Design Statement

Great Mongeham Parish Council chairman Cllr. Brian Knight called a public meeting in the Parish Hall on Thursday, 5th August to discuss the possibility of producing a Village Design Statement.  This was a document that could influence the future development of the village and when accepted by the district council it became a definitive statement of intent.  Questions were taken from the floor and answered by Cllr. Knight, Cllr. Steve Manion, who represents the village on the district council and Mike Ebbs, from the district council’s planning department.Of the sixty villagers attending, fourteen kindly volunteered to form a working party to progress the statement and the first meeting is planned in the near future.



Page 4 Great Mongeham Newsletter September, 2004


ORGANISATION OR CLUB                            MEETINGS                         LOCATION                 CONTACT

Gt. Mongeham Parish Council                  1st Thurs. 7.30 pm.                   Parish Hall     Brian Knight Tel.375420

                                                                                                                                             Sarah Wells Tel. 614320

Sunday School  (3 yrs & over)                                                                     St. Martin’s    Sylvia Griffiths Tel. 367124

Bell ringers                                         Tuesdays 8-9pm By Arrangement    St. Martin’s    Ken Gatland  Tel. 611283


1st Great Mongeham Brownies          Weds. 5.30-7pm Term Time           Baptist Hall   Mrs. J. Caldwell Tel. 372493


Good Companions                             Alt. Thursdays 2.30-4.15pm            Parish Hall    Mrs. D. Ovenden Tel. 375637


Welcome Club                                     Alt. Thursdays 2.30-4.00pm           Parish  Hall    Mrs. D. Ovenden Tel. 375637


Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society        1st. Weds. 7.30 pm                  Parish Hall     Mrs. D. Talling  Tel: 362390

                                                                (No Meeting Jan. & Sept.) 


Mongeham-Ripple W.I.                3rd Weds. 2.30 pm (Dec 2nd Weds)        Parish Hall      Sue Case Tel. 374025

St. Martin’s W.I.                                      2nd Thursday 7.30 pm                  Parish Hall     Mrs. P. Scott-Bradford

                                                                                                                                              Tel: 364769

Great Mongeham Parish Hall Committee  Bookings                                                         Judy Hambrook  Tel.364457


Great Mongeham Society                     3rd Thursday, 7.30 pm                 Parish Hall        Sue Solley Tel.375560

                                                                (No Meeting in August)




Organisation or Club                     Meetings                          Location                             Contact

Gt. Mongeham Parish Council      1st Thurs. 7.30 pm.               Parish Hall           Brian Knight    Tel.375420

                                                                                                                                     Sarah Wells      Tel.614320


Sunday School  (3 yrs & over)                                                      St. Martin’s          Sylvia Griffiths Tel. 367124


Bell ringers                   Tuesdays 8-9pm By Arrangement         St. Martin’s         Ken Gatland     Tel. 611283


1st Great Mongeham Brownies  Weds. 5.30-7pm Term Time     Baptist Hall        Mrs. J. Caldwell Tel.372493


Good Companions                      Alt. Thursdays 2.30-4.15pm     Parish Hall         Mrs. D. Ovenden Tel.375637


Welcome Club                            Alt. Thursdays 2.30-4.00pm     Parish  Hall        Mrs. D. Ovenden Tel. 375637


Gt. Mongeham Horticultural Society   1st. Weds. 7.30 pm         Parish Hall         Mrs. D. Talling  Tel: 362390

                                                      (No Meeting Jan. & Sept.) 


Mongeham-Ripple W.I.    3rd Weds. 2.30 pm (Dec 2nd Weds)     Parish Hall          Sue Case Tel. 374025


St. Martin’s W.I.                            2nd Thursday 7.30 pm          Parish Hall           Mrs. P. Scott-Bradford

                                                                                                                                    Tel: 364769


Great Mongeham Parish Hall Committee  Bookings                                              Judy Hambrook  Tel.364457


Great Mongeham Society             3rd Thursday, 7.30 pm          Parish Hall           Sue Solley Tel.375560

                                                      (No Meeting in August)


T.A.F – Mulberry Tree          1.30 pm Mondays in Term time   Parish Hall          Wendy Madgwick Tel.239143


Great Mongeham Art Group   Tues. 1.30 – 3.30pm Term Time  Parish Hall        Dorothy Sharpe Tel. 372339


Karate                                       Mons. and Weds  6.30 pm           Parish Hall           Jan Easton Tel. 367001


Friends of St. Martin’s                                                                                               Brian Knight Tel.375420


Yoga                                             Tuesday 6-7pm                        Parish Hall          Audrey Clarke   Tel.  368521 


Scottish Country  Dancing     Weds 10 –11.30am Term Time    Parish Hall          Mary Quinton


                                                  Tuesdays 8 pm  Term Time        Parish Hall          Margaret Bowden 375836


Country  and Western Dance Club     Fridays 7.30 pm              Parish Hall          Dixie Cane Tel. 373841


Drop In                                         Thursdays 10.00 am               Parish Hall          Barbara Spence 375786